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Re: OK that is great BUT.

I work in software development in Silicon Valley. You should take a look at what is the most popular tool here among developers that pay for the tool with their own money.

Richard wrote:

A computer is a tool, not a status symbol. It is not how light or how much resolution, how much it costs, that it is cool it looks, that is makes you part of a community. It is a tool and when people pay double the price for the same tool then looks down on anyone who doesn't own that tool and spends a lot of time justifying the extra expense. People with PCs are the only ones who get it, because they are not in it for the status.

webfrasse wrote:
The computer is a system. Only Apple gets that at the moment.

Richard wrote:

gaussian blur wrote:

Richard wrote:

OK great but wouldn't it be better if the Air had an HDMI port that could plug into every HD TV made?

No, because all you need is an HDMI adapter. I found some for under $5 online.

That has been one of my complaints about Mac, it always seems like you need an adaptor to do anything with their laptops. You need an HDMI, and a DVi, and a VGA adaptor to make anything work.

Or could plug into every monitor made? With the thunderbold you have a very limited select monitor selection.

You don't understand what Thunderbolt is. It uses the same plug as DisplayPort so any DisplayPort display will work, and with an adapter, other displays can also be used, including VGA, DVI and HDMI.

I do, you need yet another adaptor.

Definitely not every display. No DVI, no DisplayPort and no Thunderbolt. In other words, less capable. Yet another factor in price differences.

Almost every display has HDMI or vga. But when Display port or Thunderbolt become widely accepted, the PC will have either of those ports. But because my precious HP costs almost half the price, when the port is available, I will have two 17" HP computers for about the same as the price of a single mac 17"

It makes the computer useful in what way? That it can connect to exactly 1 monitor made? That costs 1000 dollars? Or you could get the 27 HP Led IPS screen for 650 dollars that connects to every computer made that has vga/hdmi/dvi

It can connect to far more than 1 display. See above.

To me, the adapter makes it more useful, not the monitor

Now what I find interesting is Widi, but it is not available for the mac. But then again there is wireless HDMI, but wait, the mac air does not have an hdmi port, I'm sorry.

You should be sorry, since you're wrong yet again.

Don't have to be sorry, because there will always be a good or better alternative in PC available at near half the price or a lot less.

To me the computer is a tool, not a status symbol. So I like most people purchase the most features, power for the price. After doing some reading it appears that Mac has about 5 percent of the market share, which means people are looking at what mac has offered since sometime after 1978 and chose PC. It is true, Mac does have a few extra ports, but for the masses, most get and use PCs.

I will say that mac has some pro level equipment, which they can charge more for, but most people are not pros. If I were a pro and was lookng for a pro laptop that was, expensive, small, durable and had a lot of ports for pro level periphials, I would choose something like the HP EliteBook 2760p Tablet PC, aluminum which was designed to meet military standards for vibration, dust, humidity, altitude, and high temperature


But I don't need that, most people don't, just like most people don't need the extra cost ports, features of the overpriced mac. It is just a tool, and with the same processors, video cards, hard drives, for most people they don't need the the extra expense for the marginal return in mac, which is again why the mac has only 6 percent of the market share over all these years, there are better tools for less out there.

So while you might argue that Thunderbolt is better, most people don't need it, and if they do, the PC people will include it, then we will start seeing some peripherals for it (or maybe not because USB3 is "good enough" and backwards comparable. Only the PC will bring Thunderbolt into mainstream if it is even possible. Mac has to small of market share to dictate what is new. Look at USB2 and firewire, kinda like VHS and Beta.

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