Nikon's worst Launch?

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Re: Nikon's worst Launch?

Shotcents wrote:

Nope...not a troll thread, just a serious question.

Has Nikon ever had a camera launch this troubled? We're looking at lockups, bad LCD's, bad or no AF and almost zero supply as Nikon tries to sort it out.

Canon is certainly having their share of troubles as well, but after owning a lot of Nikon and Canon DSLR's, the D800 is off to a seriously rocky start.

Mine is still on order!


I have yet to have a single problem with mine that would be a technical issue. I wish it did infrared remote and would use the new WIFI for the D4. Other than that, it's been perfect!

Can't wait to take it to DC and Alaskea in the next few months along with my new Really Right Stuff tripod and ball head. They should give me epic quality! No excuses for me!


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