NEX-7 Bounce Flash advantage

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Re: NEX-7 Bounce Flash advantage

Great photos. Nice even light from the bounce. I honestly dont know why more cameras dont include the bounce flash capability. I guess they lose alot of money from those people who only buy flashes for the bounce capability. I for one do not need to buy a flash now as the built in NEX flash is perfect for every scenario I would use it in. Fill, bounce. Can't ask for anything more.

Not sure why people on the M/43 were giving you a hard time. Maybe they have a hard time accepting that the EM-5 is not perfect. The Olympus folks are gaga over the camera at this point. Not much objectivity when a highly anticipated camera gets released. I personally find it annoying to have to carry a Flash around. One of the reasons I never bought a 5N.

kev777zero wrote:

I'm a big fan of the NEX-7's bounce flash capability as well, but I've seen many folks on forums despising built in flashes. when I talked about the lack of a built-in-bounce-able-flash on the E-M5 like previous PENs (my first camera was an E-PL1 which had it) at the m4/3 forums, folks there just barked at me as troll.

I think a majority of DSLR/mirrorless users out there don't really know how to use a flash properly, end up with deer-in-the-headlight-shot and thus just categorizes the built-in-flash as a gimmicky function. Oh well, it's their loss!
built-in-bounced-flash shots:

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