Nikon D3200: Miscellaneous Observations

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Re: Nikon D3200: Miscellaneous Observations

Those are some well thought out and well written coments Larry.

I remember when the D3100 came out and it lacked remote capability - I thought that was a mistake on Nikon's part. I am glad that they have fixed it.

They jumped the burst mode to 4 fps - at 24 MP. That is welcome. It also takes a lot more CPU power and a faster rendering pipleline. I am hoping that if the CPU is faster that AF willl be improved a bit too.

The improved screen is welcome also.

I do wish that they had added the ability to add non-CPU lenses.

Also wish they had focus peaking in Live View like the Sony does (or is it Olympus?) for MF operation. I think that would be just awesome for macro.

In any case, it seems like a decent enough release. Lets hope the 24 MP sensor does not disappoint.

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