D3200 brings near lower-end MF quality for just $700

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Re: D3200 brings near lower-end MF quality for just $700

First I will sigh and then I shall help you to be a critical reader, TFergus.

(1) Writing that "the Gearsnob demographic of D800 owners wouldn't want one" does not mean that I believe (a) all D800 owners are gearsnobs, or (b) that no D800 owners would want a D3200. It means only that I think some D800 owners are gearsnobs. Do you disagree?

(2) Suggesting that there are some D800 owners who happen not to use their cameras advanced features is not the same thing as suggesting that all people who appreciate advanced features are "gearsnobs."

(3) Observing that some professionals have made wonderful pictures without advanced features isn't the same thing as suggesting that anyone who wants, uses, or needs advanced features isn't a professional (or not good at what they do, or a "gearsnob").

(4) Your quote left out my conclusion. I wrote

"thinking in terms of creative or professional need, reasons to go beyond a D40-60-3000-3100-3200 get surprisingly specific."

This is not the same thing as saying "There is no creative or professional reason to go beyond a D40-60-3000-3100-3200."

I could go on, but what's your deal, TFergus? Why look for people out to call you a douche when they aren't there? And then be douche in the looking?


TFergus wrote:

MiraShootsNikon wrote:

Why read when you can just sample a little, see what you want, assume the rest, and look for fights? FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

(I agree: fighting is more fun than reading carefully.)


TFergus wrote:

MiraShootsNikon wrote:

Obviously the gearsnob demographic of D800 owners wouldn't want one, but not because it isn't a capable tool.

The biggest problem with pro use of the D40-60-3000-3100- and now 3200 class of bodies has always been mostly ergonomic. Small viewfinders and few dedicated controls mean all that Nikon "muscle memory" that pros build up to hit shots instinctively no longer applies. You reach for the forward control dial to flick down your aperture and--gasp--it's not there!

And I won't disagree that some convenience features this class lacks are really useful. CLS commander mode. A 1/320 flash sync instead of 1/200. A wide spread of cross-type focus points. FPS speed and deep buffers. Weather sealing. Then again, plenty of today's pro digital shooters were cranking out gorgeous film imagery a decade ago with one autofocus point (or none), 1/60 flash syncs, and film FPS / "buffers".

Strange you start by saying that a "gear snob" wouldn't want one...

Then go on to list a ton of features and ergonomics that are all reasons people buy higher end models in the first place.

Didn't realize I was such a snob, just because I want all the features I can use.

Not going to fight with you, nor do I see the need for all that drama.
Just noticed the contradictions and pointed them out.
No idea what you mean about "sampling a little".... irrelevant I guess.

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