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Re: A G1X review I like

Enir4 wrote:

Tony Sx wrote:

The fact that you have bought one would tend to bias your opinion of the review.
The OVF is cr*p
The focal length of the lens is extremely ordinary,
Some buttons - e.g. movie, menu - are too easily pressed.
The inbuilt flash is near-useless.
An extra number of dollars/pounds to be able to attach ANYTHING.
Whatever the manual says, there is no manual focus.

I'm sure it takes excellent images - for an $700 camera but the improvement in image quality over a 2/3" sensor is not that great.
And why should you be limited to a 4:3 format when shooting RAW?
Banned in the News Forum.

I see the G1X as a much better built G11, with a 5x bigger sensor and an L quality zoom. Meaning, built like a tank, fits in a (biggish) pocket and with great IQ. To me it plenty justifies paying 200 more euros than for the G12.

It is sluggish, the OVF I hate. I can live with that. IQ in a pocket is what I was after. Personal stuff.

I knew the shortcomings of the G series before buying the G1X. I had the G7, G9, G10 and G11. So it is not that I am biased because I own the G1X. I simply agree with the general opinion of this review.



Although my experience of the Canon G series was limited to the G11, which I love, I too knew exactly what I was getting before I bought the G1X.

Before I bought the G1X I read the linked review and the dpr review amongst others and I always look carefully at the list of 'Cons' to see if any of them are a deal breaker. None of those listed in the reviews, nor those continually trotted out by detractors, are cons for me.

I really don't understand why those who don't have, and don't want the G1X, feel the need to keep posting about the camera's supposed shortcomings, to those of us who do have it and are happy with it.

I was, at one point, interested in the Sony SLT cameras and posted in that forum for a while. When I decided that they weren't what I wanted I stopped visiting the forum. I didn't hang around like a bad smell, repeatedly posting the reasons why I didn't want one, and trying to convince those that had bought one that they had made a big mistake.

The repeated implication that buyers of the G1X have somehow been duped is both tedious and rude.

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