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Re: Ease up on the sharpening.

aman74 wrote:

Lance B wrote:

brightcolours wrote:

Ok, that is funny. If your screen does not show the coarse over sharpened aliased structure, it must be really bad. I'm serious, you oversharpen a LOT. Which is not doing the quite nice photos any favours...

LOL. Nothing wrong with my screen and it seems everyone one else seems to like them too.

I use less sharpening on these D800's than I normally do with my D700 and D7000 and they also look fine and nobody comments on them being oversharpened either.

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I'm only on the first page of this thread, but he wasn't the only one who agreed. Someone else chimed in and I agree as well, so that's 3 in the first page.

You're free to differ in your opinion of course. However, it's sad that you had to turn around and make a snide comment about it being his monitor when he was polite and giving you constructive criticism that will help your photos. I guess only comments that agree with you are allowed.

Not at all. I do not mind constructive criticism at all if they are done in a polite way rather than making it an absolute when it is a personal preference thing. He stated categorically that it was oversharpened, but I and many others disagree.

He never said anything positive about the photos whatsoever, just all negative and in a way that meant only his opinion was correct. There is a right way to deliver a sermon and a wrong way and his was way out of line.

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