LR4 CA correction on sel50f18

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Re: as seachicken said, get to F4 or smaller

dumokun80 wrote:

but the beauty of the 50mm is to use that sweet f1.8 right?

it was also super bright/sunny when the shot was taken, would a polarizing filter have helped?

I agree, sometimes it's gotta be f/1.8. You've also just about exceeded my knowledge on the subject. Here's the rest of what I know.. I think there are 2 types of fringing going on in your images.

The first is a property of the lens, objects the far side of the focus point get cyan fringes and magenta the near side. Even the best lenses do this at wide apertures, unfortunately. I think the only thing you can do about it is to stop down.

The other type: "purple fringing" occurs around bright highlights and looks more severe. I've read this is caused by IR light. I'm not sure it's true but it's plausible to me as IR exposes as purple in my IR converted NEX, and IR focuses differently to visible light. The NEX has a UV/IR cut filter in front of the sensor but it doesn't cut it all. Perhaps you can add a UV/IR cut filter in front of the lens to suppress the purple fringes.

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