Nikon FX 1.8G lens pricing

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Nikon FX 1.8G lens pricing

Anyone notice how Nikon pricing for its new 1.8G lenses is a bit all over the place?

  • 50 1.8G = $216.95

  • 85 1.8G = $499.95

  • 28 1.8G = $699.95

No doubt the difficulty in making these lenses, and in the case of the 28, the "N" and gold-ring designators drive pricing upward. Not wrong or right, just thinking outloud that if you have a couple of hundred dollars to spend, it may not go long enough to pick up a 1.8G.

The other thing that I'm thinking is that Nikon is making some nice fast glass that isn't "high end" but yet both affordable (even at the higher price points) and high quality. Let's see how samples from that 28 1.8G look. May just have to pick one up.

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