FOV of the human eye, walk around lens?

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tko wrote:

FOV is the extreme left/right portions of the scene you can see. Resolution is the same detail in the scene

My FOV is around 160 degress, many basketball players are much better. Yes, it's very blurry at the edges, but I can see something. My Samyang 8 MM lens is just a touch wider.

Resolution wise, I need about a 300MM+ FL lens to see the same detail in a photograph of the moon as my naked eye can.

Magnification wise, I think 30-50MM is about right.

That 8MM lens is a blast because it see's everything the eye sees. It's the lens I feel closet to.

Isn't the human eye wonderful?

Fully agree!

However the 160° angle of view requires rolling your eyes to their extremes, at which your other eye is blocked by your nose and therefore the image is not stereo. Normally we would automatically turn our head to obtain stereo view. With the limitation of having 2-eye stereo view, with scanning around allowed, as most people would do instead of just staring at a fixed point, not moving your head, the field of view is determined by your nose: the right side of the image when you look through your left eye, and the left side of the image looking through the right eye. I have yet to calculate it for myself, but it seems close to 28mm equivalent, perhaps wider. It will vary among people depending on the depth of the eyes relative to the nose.

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