Some with 50 f1,8 oss

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Re: Some with 50 f1,8 oss

El Matadurr wrote:

Some people demand perfection, plain and simple, and it's a fact that the 50mm OSS is tack sharp at f/4 and above, with "softness" at larger apertures, which is really only viewable at a pixel level, hence the perfectionism.

Here's a crop 100% crop from mine about 2/3 of the way to the border at f/1.8. The image embedded in this thread looks soft, but look at the original file and you'll see it's VERY sharp.

On paper it's not as sharp as at other apertures, but that's just numbers. The reality is that it's so sharp it's never going to be an issue for me, and I'm fussy. The extremes of the image are another matter and I'd stop down to get them sharp, but for portraits I'm far more concerned about the purple fringing and getting the DoF I want.

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