Color differences ACR vs Oly V2

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Re: Color differences ACR vs Oly V2

Again, thanks for a great comment.

I think that you prize ACR too much Of course, if it works for you, fine, but it never possible to completely "zero" ACR. Good example is the "missing mud" effect I found out on my images. - ACR applies quite an amount of denoising, even when everything is set at zero. Olympus software was able to draw the scene as it was.

I tried hard to get ACR right, from making custom profiles with external software, to infinite twiddling ACR options. It didn't work, consistently.

(However, ACR is nice, fast very usable. I use it for some 10-15% of images, and routinely for previewing.)

OniMirage wrote:

You can test this by creating a default profile on your own in Camera Raw. Once you save the settings you desire as the default for Camera Raw, any unedited raw image after that will contain the same information and the conditions of ALL unedited previews will change regardless of whether or not you have opened and saved those images yet. I personally set all values to zero aside from tint and color temperature as the purpose of Raw is to fine tune an image to your liking, not use the defaults supplied by the manufacturer. The disadvantage is that a lot of the images look horrible in preview but the ones you do end up editing look amazing and are easier to identify in Bridge.

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