Panny DMC-GH2 or What Else?

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Re: Panny DMC-GH2 or What Else?

I went through the same decision-making process for our trip to East Africa last year. I actually bought the Nikon D7000, but I returned it because of its weight and because I didn't find the grip comfortable. And for one other highly-relevant feature: easy to use, high quality video with the ability to increase apparent focal length without having to use any added devices. The camera and lenses performed beautifully. I took the 14-140, which was the lens I used the most, the 45-200, which I seldom used, and the 100-300, which gave me some shots I couldn't have got with any other lens. So my suggestion would be to buy the 14-140 and the 100-300 for your trip. You'll need the reqch of the longer lens, which is light qnd compact enough to hand hold, especially if you can rest your arms on the edge of your vehicle's roof. Buy a photo vest; you need to be able to get quick access to your gear. Take extra batteries (I took three and used them all everyday) and memory cards, especially if you want to take videos. I didn't think I would, but there wasn't a day when I didn't use the video capability. Video is spectacular with this camera, and easy! Be sure to put a clear or Uv filter on every lens you take, because there's dust. And have fun!


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