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Re: Disappointed partly with all of them

Seems you got the idea right. Now, it remains to be seen how the markets take these cameras. If the price for the NX1000 is right, it probably will sell well for people that haven't entered NX system yet.

I guess Samsung is making slow but sure progress to get the NX system as a viable option for consumers. Not at the pace we might have expected from Samsung, but still.


viking79 wrote:

VeijoM wrote:

NX1000. They had to cut costs (though we don't know the cutted[?] cost yet ;-() ). But getting something Non-Amoled as a screen is disappointing. The size of this camera would tempt me to get as a second body, I like the design and size. But the screen. This just makes me reconsider. But still tempting little camera to the NX line. Would love to hear more about the speed and buffer size etc.

Using an LCD vs AMOLED display could be a marketing ploy by Samsung as well. It sort of says: we use the same screen all the competitors use in our base model camera, and use our AMOLED displays in our higher level cameras. Might imply the AMOLED is the superior screen (I prefer it, although both are nice).

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