New GX1 shoots old things in B&W

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Re: New GX1 shoots old things in B&W

Jere Landis wrote:

Your images are fine. They also prove a point I've tried to bring about on this forum for a long time. Each time I've been jumped upon by those who prefer wide aperture single focal length lenses. The point being, a good photographer can produce great images with a decent camera and a standard kit zoom. Had your photos been taken with a 20mm 1.7, a 45mm 1.8, or a 50mm 1.4 you'd get a lot more oooos and ahs, though there would be little difference in the photos.

It's obvious you have a good eye and photographic skill, which is what it takes to produce nice photos, equipment aside.

Thanks. While I desire some of the lenses you mentioned, if nothing else for the wider apertures, I've learned to work with what I have at the moment. Maybe that comes from my guitar playing where I realized I sound like me whether I'm playing a $100 guitar or a $5,000 guitar. Most modern kit lenses, in my opinion, can provide quality images if used correctly and with the understanding how far you can push them (I like to push beyond that at times )

Funny, after I ordered the GX1 I read numerous online insights on how the 14-42 was soft and you HAVE to have the 14-45. I know the 14-45 works well since I did use a G1 in the past and I was all ready to sell of the 14-42 as soon as it arrived. But once I saw the results with the 14-42 I thought it was fine. Now my initial photos were terrible and I could have blamed the lens even though they were the result of operator error. I try not to judge any gear until I've used in real world situations often enough to get comfortable with it.

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