DXO and road bikes

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Re: DXO and road bikes

carlk wrote:

Bob, I'm not a PGA player but I often struggle in photoshop trying to get rid of blown highlights or recover shadow details. Not to mention I can't always do my desired cropping because too few MP will be left. Better resolution and DR do help this average photographer.

Obviously you and I shoot very differently. I check every image in CS5 for clipping and rarely find any area of the frame clipped that is of any significance.

Edit, BTW I upgraded my video/audio (Lcos projector on 110" screen and 9.2 Audissey tuned audio system) last year. I've been on this 5-10 year upgrading cycle since you know when. Can you see/hear the difference each time? Oh yeah you better believe it. Even my wife was amazed.

We're talking about very different things and not even on the same planet here. I'm referring to high end 2-channel audio where one might consider different preamps or amps. This is the group that will consider paying $10K for a set of 1 meter interconnects and swear they can hear the difference.


rwbaron wrote:

Well said and I agree completely. You can apply the same to high end audio, golf clubs, tennis rackets, take your pick. I've said many times the best PGA players would still break par at Augusta even with a $500 set of clubs off the rack from Sports Authority. At this level the equipment is such a small part of the end result it's almost insignificant.

The problem is people (in their mind) need to have something to justify their expenditures and then to brag about. They want a new toy and use things like DXOMark (along with others) to justify their want. In my younger years I was much more vulnerable but now I'm more practical. I have to see an actual difference for my use but I know many will jump on the wagon just to have the latest and greatest. It's just our nature but the positive aspect is it keeps the economy rolling ;).


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