DX D400 with less than 24mp?

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Re: DX D400 with less than 24mp?

If Nikon was set to update the D300s with D400, the D400 was announced months ago. The D300s is assembled on the same location with D3x00/D5x00/D7x00, if Nikon can build hundreds of thousands of D3200 in a short time after the capacity of Thailand was back at normal, for sure Nikon can build few tens of thousand of D400 in the same time, with higher margins. The truth is that It will be no D400 DX, you've D7000 how the top of the line.

remember the time of D300s and D90, how much more limited was the D90 Vs D300s... a long list of differences.

Now thinks at D7000 Vs a D400 DX, the difference will be minimal, 1 fps more ? a 51p vs 39p AF ? larger buffers ? for $600 more ? Nah too limited market, it'll sell poorly.

The D7100 will have even more higher specs .. so the difference will be even more limited...
with D3200 at 4fps the D7100 can't even crippled down, will be at least 7 fps.

The D400 that you will be awaiting for will be D7100, 3 DX bodies no more... The future is FX for DSLR, the sooner you accept it less pictures you'll lost awaiting the camera that never will show up.

Look at the trend the D3200 is $100 more expensive that D3100 at launch... I expect that D5200 & D7100 will be more expensive that their older models, I expect 949-999 kit, 1,299-1,399 Body. The Nikon is slowly creating space to CX format at lower end... at $400-$600.

A Body DX at $2,000 is way too much expensive at this time, the D300s was 1,799 at launch when the cheaper FX body (5DmII was down at 2,300-2,400). today the 5dmII is at $2,000 or less, the D700 at 2,200. You'd be happy really, we're near at the day of 6-7fps FX Body at around 2,000-2,200 brand new... and in 3 years a 36MP FX at 6-7fps will be the next move...

the FX is expensive only because of low volume, await that the volume pick up teh price will go down... look at Intel... it can build chip with a billion of transistors witht the most advanced/expensive process on the earth for $100.. you can buy a 50" LCD for what $500 and you can't make a $100 FX sensor ? No at 40,000 pieces at month, let's talk about 400,000 at month ?

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