Very used D2H vs D2X ?

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Re: Very used D2H vs D2X ?

I currently own a D700 w/ MB-10 grip and a D2X. I've also owned a D2H. I would not go with the H, as it's just not up to par as far as pixel count. The D2X in daylight is still a viable camera, with 12MP DX resolution, which can be superior to the D700 for telephoto work. It's only good to 400 ISO (640 in a pinch). It also needs good lighting and an f/4 or better lens to focus well.

I still use my D2X over my D700 in one situation....daylight use with my 400mm F/2.8 VR where maximum magnification is desired. It effectively gives me 600mm f/2.8 onto 12MP.

Ultimately, I have a D800 on order, which I plan to use with the MB-12 for long telephoto work, and will keep the D700 for my standard lenses (12MP is fine for my needs) and when I need 8FPS. I'll probably still keep the D2X though, as it has been through a lot, and seems nearly unbreakable.

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