Nikon D3200: Miscellaneous Observations

Started Apr 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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larrytusaz Senior Member • Posts: 2,366
Nikon D3200: Miscellaneous Observations

I own the D5100, I've owned the D5000, D3000, D40, D40x, D60, D80 and D200--oh, I forgot, the D50 as well. So I've been around

These are my observations about the D3200, some of the miscellaneous aspects somewhat:

  • The red dot button, I wish it was customizable, like the Fn button, as it is on the D800 and D4 if I'm correct. (I wish the same for my D5100.) I don't do movies on SLRs, I'm not interested in bashing those who do in this thread, just saying that I don't, and the red dot button, if it were customizable (again, as it is on the D4 and D800--and also many of the m4/3rds models as welll), would allow me to map functions like ISO, white balance, image quality/size etc there instead. This would be especially handy on a model like this which doesn't have a lot of hot buttons.

Someone remarked, understandably, that novices, if they tampered with this, could become confused & end up thinking the camera was broken. But if you think about it, they could even more easily enter full-manual (M) by accident--the mode dial's right there, & they'd end up with horrible looking shots & not know why. This setting, if it was made one of the "advanced" functions, wouldn't even be visible unless they enable "advanced" (vs "simple") custom functions anyway.

  • Wi-Fi--like others, I wish it was built-in. Some have said different standards for different countries make that hard, but Samsung somehow worked it out. Also, it would be nice if they had a Wi-Fi plug-in like the one they offer for $60 that was compatible with recent models like the D5100 or D7000.

  • 24mp--not sure how I feel about that. Surely the 16mp of the D5100 or even the 12mp of the D5000 is PLENTY of resolution, especially if the target market is largely "everyday JPEG shooters." Heck I've made 20x30" prints from my D5000. Wait til they try & upload those HUGE 24mp files to shutterfly for ordering 4x6 prints.

Still, I was skeptical of the 18mp on the Canon 7D two years ago, and that sensor, while not as good as the 16mp Nikon one, still was good--actually better than the 15mp one on the 50D and T1i. So maybe it will be fine.

  • Nice to see the compatibility with the ML-L3 wireless brought back. The drive-mode lever of the D3100 was said to be nice, but I didn't like how that model wasn't compatible with the ML-L3, given that consumer-level Nikons have worked with it for eons, & other current models like the D5100 and D700 also did.

  • Apparently they decided the Lv (live view) button as designed on the D90 & D5000 was better than the levers in usage lately? I have no opinion on that, I AM curious though how, if any, live view autofocusing speed has improved. I use the viewfinder most-times, but I do use live-view SOME--and its speed on my D5100, while somewhat better than on the D5000 before it, is still like a tortoise compared to my E-PL1 with the newer 14-42mm II lens. (I suspect such may be the case with DSLRs for sometime.)

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