Bad Experience with Adorama

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Jimmy K.
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Bad Experience with Adorama

I want to report horrible experience with Adorama. The item I ordered is new iPad. I understand iPad is in high demand, especially right after initial release. I have no problem with waiting, as I already have an iPad. So I am willing to wait and save $50 on the tax, rather than hunt around in local Apple stores, Best Buy, Target, Walmart for immediate stock on hand.

In the 1 month that I waited for the product, I was told by 4 different reps that the items is ready to ship. An each time, the info was incorrect as they do not have the item in stock.

Backordered and delivery of future stock is something out of Adorama's control. That is up to the manufacturer. I completely understand that. My issue is with the incorrect information provided to me over and over by Adroma. Getting accurate stock on hand information is Adorama's responsibility. And they failed here.

Previously, I had purchased 2x from Adorama and 5x from B&H, from video camera to accessories (flash memory cards, batteries, reflectors, etc). I never had an issue. I always thought of Adorama and B&H to be similar. But after this latest experience, I would not put Adorama in same class as B&H. When there are issues with the stock and shipment, Adorama system and customer service just falls apart.

In any case, I will never order from Adorama again. The sad thing is that I doubt they make much money on iPad. But Adorama lost future business from a photography enthusiast.

FYI. Here are the details.

3/18: I ordered new iPad (3rd generation) that just came out. The sales rep said they have 1 in stock, and they can ship tomorrow (Monday) if I order now. He guaranteed that the item will ship.
3/19: No shipment. No email. No status update.

3/20: I called to check on the status. And I want to change the order from white to black. The rep said they have 1 black in stock and they can ship that day. Same pitch as 3/18. In any case, I don't care about the black unit since I decided on white. And I figured I probably have to wait at least couple weeks anyways. So I changed the order.

3/27: I called in just to check on the status, if there is ETA on stock. Rep said it is ready to ship and I will get shipping info that evening. Again, no email and no shipping info received.

3/28: Called again. This time the rep said it shows on the system, but she actually put me on hold to check the warehouse. She confirmed there is no stock in warehouse. This is the only correct info I received in 1 month from 5 different reps.

4/6: I see that B&H has the product in stock. To order iPad, I have to call in, since they do not take online orders. But B&H is closed for 1 week for Passover. So I wait.

4/15: B&H is now open from Passover holiday and I confirmed they have the item in stock. I called Adorama to cancel my order. Rep said they have it in stock and will ship on Monday 4/16. I explained the issues I had with incorrect information. This rep said Adorama does not lie. Well, I don't suspect the rep is lying. But if Adorama's system is screwed up, there is no way for rep to tell the reality of product status. OK, so I figured it is least hassle for me to keep my order with Adorma.

4/16 Morning: Received automated email from Adorama that item is backordered. OK, so I called in to cancel my order. The rep said the item is "PICKED" and is ready to ship. At least this rep said the item is picked, so it must be ready to ship. I figured, OK, let's give Adorama 1 more chance and 1 more day.

4/16 Evening: Houston, we got a problem, AGAIN. Got personalized email from Adorama. The item is backordered; item is in high demand; no ETA on when they have stock and this is out of their control.

4/17: Called Adorama to cancel my order. Got the same pitch. Hey, are you sure you want to cancel, because we got the item in stock and ready to ship. Yes, cancel the order. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and third time, I guess I am that gullible to fall for the phantom unit in stock. Fool me 4th time, shame on me. I finally learned my lesson.
4/17: Ordered from B&H Photo Video. Item shipped on 4/17 afternoon.

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