DPR OMD Review out when?

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millsart Senior Member • Posts: 2,771
Given how well its sold already not much need for a review

Given the EM-5 is selling faster than they can even stock them right now, I don't think there is really that much need for a review to be up right away.

Basically all any review is is a sales tool. Thats the reason companies provide cameras to reviewers after all. Marketing Dept handles this, not a bunch of engineers looking for feedback on their work.

Given DPR is owned by Amazon and reviews lead to sales, I would expect to see a EM-5 review come later, after most of the preorders are filled.

Then you have a review that should convince those on the fence to go ahead and pull the trigger, when there is stock.

I'm quite sure there are people in the marketing dept making big bucks spending all day figuring out just how to maximize the hype on this camera and translate that into sales.

Make something a bit hard to get and it often creates even more demand. Its just human nature

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Months after release? I hope not. For something that is so interesting and so eagerly waited for by so many, this should be given top priority.

I think Robin Wong and Techradar have been the most helpful so far, in terms of details (not necessarily technical tests, but also timeliness and real life experience and samples). We have also have useful reviews or info from Lenstip or Optyczne, Fotopolis, DSLR Magazine, What Digital Camera, Amateur Photographer, Focus Numérique, PCHome, DCFever, Chip, DC Watch Impress, Hardware Zone, and DigitalRev. I might have missed some. I read all of them and that really showed me how good those sites are, and also how limited some are.

Let's hope it is released this Friday. Let's hope Cameralabs, DXO, and Photozone also publish theirs soon. Anyone of these who take months after release to do so would not be doing themselves any good, as all their thunder would already have been stolen by the others.

If I was one of the reviewers, I would drop everything to get it out.

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