available light lens for DX indoors?

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Re: And regular distortion too

arachnophilia wrote:

He is probably referring to the perspective phenomenon inherent in optics...

There is a great example of how focal length distorts the facial features here:

and another one here:

err, no. perspective distortion has exactly nothing to do with the optics; it's strictly a product of subject distance. the oft-cited example you give is, in fact, moving the camera. features distort because you're too close , not because of the lens.

barrel and pincushion (rectilinear) distortion is a property of the lens. perspective is not.

I am talking about perspective distortion, which has everything to do with optics - e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perspective_distortion_%28photography%29 -

Even if the phenomenon is technically caused by changes in subject distance, that's not how people shoot in real life -- they keep the subject the same size in the frame (say a head-and-shoulders portrait) as they change the focal length and distance. They don't stay in one spot and shoot at 200mm and then at 70mm and then crop the 70mm down so it looks like the shot taken at 200mm. They move in closer at 70mm so they get the same composition that they had at 200mm.

And besides, the links I posted are highly relevant to the OP's question...

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