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Re: Thanks, All!


Thanks guys for this. We all need something like this whenever we read the forum postings as there's a remarkable increase in bad vibes.

Jeff Seltzer wrote:

"How dare you correct me in front of all these people??! So, what? You've never made a careless typo wasting time on a geeky gear forum?!" "You are fired!"

RealXenuis wrote:
"Sir, what does 'intersted' mean?"

Jeff Seltzer wrote:

"Get back to work, Junior! No one here is intersted in your ramblings about new market share!"

RealXenuis wrote:

"Fuji's coming out with some great, popular cameras now, for those who like RAW. New market segment we could tap, sir"

Jeff Seltzer wrote:

Okay, the group therapy has worked a little. I'm an impatient man, which explains why I'm an early adopter. I guess the flip side is that I need to wait for Adobe. It's just frustrating to see other "new" cameras supported so quickly. I just keep imagining the following conversation at Adobe:

"We are still having touble with the X-Pro1, Sir."
"Hmmm...are we over budget?"

"Well, it's a niche camera...serves all those people right! Let's back-burner it and just keep telling them 'we are working on it.'"

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