Have you seen the DXO-mark test of Canon 5DIII?

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Re: Same as Sony NEX-7

MikeFromMesa wrote:

So, if the 5D3 scores the same as the NEX7 - will you continue to claim that DxO "give a good indication as to image quality"?

Image quality is very subjective. I have seen images that some people say are great while others say are flat. What I am trying to say is that objective values like these are components of what would be an objective definition of image quality (if such a thing existed).

The fact that the Nikon (a camera I do not have) has a much higher dynamic range than the Canon 5D3 (a camera that is being delivered to me today) indicates that the camera can take images with a much higher dynamic range. Given 2 images, one with higher dynamic range and one with lower, all other things being equal, it is likely that the higher dynamic range image will be "better" (depending on exactly what that means to the observer).

Similarly, given a camera with better high ISO performance, it is reasonable to assume that it can take "better" high ISO images than one with lower performance (again, whatever that means).

But image quality depends upon more than just those measurements.

Agree with all that

I am trying to say that these are components what should, under identical conditions, produce a "better" image.

So, in light that requires 1/10th second, f2.8, ISO12800 - the NEX7 will give as good an image as the 5D3?

Hmmm ...

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