E-M5 and X-Pro 1: DR and Noise comparison

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Sam Bennett
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What NR settings are you using on the E-M5? Safe to say you're using the in-camera JPEGs?

I only shoot RAW, but this result definitely gives me pause. In the detailed areas, the E-M5 hangs pretty well, but in the shadow areas in the clothes (look at the blue shirt on the bottom left), there's a lot of ugly Chrominance Noise which can be pretty awful looking, even in a print. Hopefully shooting RAW and processing in Lightroom will produce better results.

Teera wrote:

I was using E-M5 during the last 10 days and trying to access its performance comparing to my beloved Fuji X-Pro 1 which has already proved to be a gem in IQ and high iso. So what I did was taking pictures of a fairy dark closet using 45mm f1.8 on Oly and 60mm f2.4 on Pro 1 at the same f-stop (f2.8), same iso (3200) and at very close shutter speed (Oly 1/20s, Fuji 1/18 second). Although Oly received less light but its images were about 1/3 stop brighter and more contrast (I used auto dr on Fuji, and auto gradation on Oly). So I did increase exposure of Oly image and increased contrast in Fuji image. This didn't alter noise and DR but making images more comparable.

Fuji X-Pro 1


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