Pixel King Wireless Radio I-TTL flash trigger for Nikon

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Re: Tested on 5D III seems ok

logatom wrote:

xerojay wrote:

Okay, transplant complete. The Canon AF module is now installed in the King TX and working great. It took a bit of trial & error calibration to get the beam lined-up with the camera's AF point, but it's all good now.
Best of all, it now functions as well as Canon's own AF assist beams:)


I too noticed AF problems (backfocusing) when using Pixel Kings. For the moment I just plan to tape the front of the TX and eliminate the beam as it cannot be switched off to the best of my knowledge. Then I will only rely on an unassisted camera focusing. However, it would be good to apply solution like yours to fix the problem in a more refined way.

Although I shoot Nikon would you be so kind as to provide more technical info on your transplant. I'm not an electronic savvy but might ask the help of my friend to sort it out. I would really appreciate your detailed description.


It is a "reported" issue with some Nikons to have backfocus issues when using the AF assist beam. May not be your problem but I've come across this issue a few times reading the Nikon forums.

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