E-M5 and X-Pro 1: DR and Noise comparison

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E-M5 and X-Pro 1: DR and Noise comparison

I was using E-M5 during the last 10 days and trying to access its performance comparing to my beloved Fuji X-Pro 1 which has already proved to be a gem in IQ and high iso. So what I did was taking pictures of a fairy dark closet using 45mm f1.8 on Oly and 60mm f2.4 on Pro 1 at the same f-stop (f2.8), same iso (3200) and at very close shutter speed (Oly 1/20s, Fuji 1/18 second). Although Oly received less light but its images were about 1/3 stop brighter and more contrast (I used auto dr on Fuji, and auto gradation on Oly). So I did increase exposure of Oly image and increased contrast in Fuji image. This didn't alter noise and DR but making images more comparable.

Fuji X-Pro 1


Here are my personal opinions from these 2 pics:

1. Color is more accurate on Fuji but on a warm side with a tinge of green and yellow on Oly.
2. Fuji has a more pleasant noise with a film-like appearance.
3. Fuji has less artifacts from noise reduction.

4. Although it may appear that Oly has a tiny edge in detail rendering in some places but this may due to characters of the lenses at particular f-stop.

5. I cannot see clarity that normally seen from Pro 1 due to no-AA filter. This may due to a poorly lit subject.
6. Fuji has better highlight roll-off (more gradual)

7. But all in all, these two images seem to be damn close. Although, I gave slight edge to Fuji but some may like Oly's image more. I was surprised that images from 4/3 sensor format can be this close to those of the very best APC-S camera. Now, I can leave home with only E-M5 in my bag and of course with it superb assortment of lenses.

Ok, I also tried to take many pictures from these 2 cameras without tripod to see how E-M5's Ibis can mitigate its smaller sensor in this particular circumstance. From more than 20 pictures taken, it seems I can select 2500-3200 iso from Oly taken at f2.8 but had to negate to use iso 12,800 on Fuji at the same f-stop to get decently sharp pictures. So the IBIS gives Oly around 2 stops advantage over Fuji and Oly's images from iso 3200 is significantly better than Fuji at iso 12,800.

Fuji at iso 12,800

Oly at is 3200

You can find full size images at my flickr pages: http://www.flickr.com/photos/78254937@N07/7092885611/

Olympus OM-D E-M5
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