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Re: A different view...

Richard wrote:

HP makes an all in one with double the memory, higher resolution screen, for 500 dollars less/

They do? When I looked at the HP Omni 27" it only had a 1080 res screen which seemed to be quite low quality compared to the iMac one. OK for some but with an AIO you need the best screen you can get because you can't upgrade that.

Well they might. Unfortunatly I cannot find the spec on the hp website. I will say even if the resolution is only 1080p on the HP,

It is 1080 according to HP, you said it was higher its much lower-no extra hand waving needed.

it as a blueray player or burner. The mac cannot even display 1080 p because it has no blueray and 1080 sreamed video is so compressed it really isn't HD. (there is a reason Blueray and HDDVD had so much more storage.

Eh? the Mac can't display 1080? tell me you jest? I author my own MTS files to 1080 and have no problems with creating HD on the Mac.

Plus there are BR player for Mac from about £50-you don't know what you're on about Macs can certainly display 1080 content.

Also when you compress video you use can use the same compression as Blue ray which is H.264 I can tell you quite a few of those discs are authored on machines both PC and Mac, BR isn't magic.

Everything that is not apple is always "subpar and low grade" but you can get the Hp with a 3nd generation I7 which the mac does not have and it is still cheaper than the 1999 mac.

Sorry I've played with the HP the screen is lower resolution the build is a little plastic, so with a cheaper screen (a deal breaker for me on an AIO) and the 'cheap feel' of the HP the two products aren't really the same.

In fact, I configured the Hp 27 omni with a blue ray player, 8gb ram and an I7 2600s 2.8gg for 1499 an HP ZR2740w 2560 x 1440 - IPS for $687 for a grand total of $2300

A dual screen photo editing monster. With a 2 year warranty compared to Apples 1 year. Now that is a different view, or maybe a dual view. LOL Creakyness is a feature, it is power in your computer and money in your pocket. LOL

What if you want a high resolution screen with the best viewing angles? Dual screens destroy the space saving of the AIO form factor, just make your own PC for a fraction of the price and you don't have to put up with the cheap built in monitor if that's the way you want to go.

The screen of the HP is 'Meh' at best– the Apple is passable and if you're going for a space saving AIO the screen must be good, otherwise why bother?

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