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Richard wrote:

HP makes an all in one with double the memory, higher resolution screen, for 500 dollars less, you can equip it with a second gen i7 or blue ray burner, neither available on the mac, with the money you save you can buy an SSD, also with a smaller 23 in screen they make them touch screen.

The HP Omni 27 only has a 1920x1080 resolution screen compared to the iMac 27's 2550x1440 screen. 1080p is really low for a 27" and not something I would even consider, so the HP is comparabel to an iMac 27.

Also the iMac 27" has a faster MHz i5 (wich will be faster in many things) than the HP's top upgrade i7. You can even select a much faster (and yes also "2nd gen") i7.

Yes, it sucks that Apple does not support bluray, but most people have no use for it. The price of a 27" iMac is higher yes, but you get a MUCH better and higher resolution screen, better design, faster CPU and the choice of OS X or Windows.

However the Omni 27 IS a nice choice for Windows users(in fact the only choice), but any photographer would welcome the much higher resolution of the iMac.

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