Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Re: RX, R1V and R2

will foreman wrote:

I've still got a working R1V but I don't use it much. I still use a 2003 RR30...!

I don't know much about the early R-cameras like R1, R1V or R2 but put a bid in a R2 as it seems to have best image quality of these three followed by the R1V.

The first R1 have problem with oversharpened edges from in review-samples which I've seen.

The RR30 is nice and have great AWB, a good zoom with seemingly low levels of CA and bokeh is also smooth for macro. I find the handling slightly crippled without adj-button and also the OK button is placed too far down as on my Ricoh Caplio Pro G3. That was fixed for the first G4 and also Adj-button introduced. Still same zoom and sensor.

The usual G3 have same lens but a bulkier body than the RR30. Same sensor but unfortunately not the same foolproof AWB.

I've handled a G4 wide but it is just fat and plastic feel despite the magnesium at the front. The RR30 are also very plastic but feels better in the hand. It is small like a toycamera and the transparent plastic which is in front of the PD AF, flash and the viewfinder contributes to that impression and so do also the whiny and loud zoom-engine.

The G3 have same zoom but an other more silent zoom engine and also AF is nearly quiet.

Except for the handling and the whiny zoom-mech I liked the RR30/300G for being very quiet once started and using snapfocus and also being very small so it can be taken almost anywhere.
I've checked the specs and see that the RX is even tinier than the RR30.
111.6 x 29.0 x 56mm Compared to RR30 114 x 32.5 x 54.5mm.

Seems rather nice with marginal exception for that zoom which only is f3.1 at 28mm.

These cameras are so inexpensive so that it is worth to test some of them and hopefully find a nice gem to keep.

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