Canon 7D quits, then works fine

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Re: Canon 7D quits, then works fine

A follow up post to my 7D shutting down for no reason. To this day I really have no clue on what is the real problem. It usually quits shortly after starting, goes dead. Then I let it sit for 2-3 minutes after monkeying around with the mode dial all of the sudden a couple minutes go by and it starts up sitting there. I have used 3 different batteries fully charged and it made no difference in the going dead. My last post I thought it was a little switch in the battery compartment, that was not it either. Clock battery change did nothing either at the end. I have purchased a new 7D, got it today. Some days that old 7D could fire off 1000 shots and no problem, some days it would shut down 3 or 4 times so it is the end of the road for that guy. I probably had 150,000 actuations so you can't ask for everything. The 7D has been such a great camera I had to get another one!

Thanks again for all responses.


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