How big can you enlarge m4/3 prints?

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Re:Viewing Distance (NT)

Doug Brown wrote:

Got off the plane from Jamaica and came face to face with one of my shots in the Arrivals area at Pearson International Airport.

This was shot with either an E510 or E3 (both 10 megapixels) and Digital Zuiko 12-60mm lens. A larger version is in the Departures area of the terminal as well.

I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of visitors have walked past this

Here's the front cover of a magazine I did with an E30 (12 megapixels), and 9-18mm DZ lens.

Here's the inside of the same magazine.

The full page shot on the left was done with an E-PL2 and mZuiko 9-18mm, the smaller photos of Miley Cyrus and Drake on the right side were done on an E3 and E30 with a regular Four Thirds 50-200mm lens

Standard wisdom is that with the sophistication of printing technology and interpolation software these days, if it will do a sharp 11X14 print, the image can be enlarged to just about any size.

I have seen my work shot on standard Four Thirds equipment used on billboards, trans stop ads, huge indoor display images you can walk right up to. The size of the original file doesn't seem to be any kind of limitation for this kind of commercial printing.


Douglas Brown

Very cool stuff. And certainly shows how big you can go. Know I've tried upping a few with Great Big Fractals, and it's kind of amazing how little loss there is. Nice work!!!

Like the Joker said: Why so serious?

A photo may be worth a thousand words but it takes up a lot more space on your hard drive.

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