Professional Videographers Really Like the 5D MK lll

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eleison24 wrote:

Guy Lerner wrote:

Don't agree - the Blackmagic is an interesting concept for sure, but I can't see it displacing the 5D3, certainly not for weddings. The 5D3 is a big jump from the 5D2 for weddings, especially in low-light situations, where ISO6400 is now completely usable (whereas before we capped our ISO at 1600). There's also nothing quite like the FF look for wedding video, which was the initial allure of the 5D2, and I don't have any intention of losing the actual focus length of my lenses to a smaller sensor.

I can see the Blackmagic being used as a second "safe" cam for events, but not in place of DSLRs. It will find its niche in the independent cinema market for sure though.

Lets agree to disagree. Most wedding videos are in good lighting (I say 90% or nine out of every 10). Just do a search on youtube or vimeo. Photography is different -- its about capturing the momemt. For wedding videos, its more like a music video where things are more scripted.

The following videos are darker, but not too much that the blackmagic cannot handle:

Yes, the DOF issue -- people will just use faster, wider lenses. Also, there maybe adapters and Blackmagic has said they are open to creating different mounts.

In any case, people will believe what they want, including me, so lets agree to disagree hahahahha

50/50. Neither cameras are ideal for weddings as A cams. Both will work as B. Id use something like the Sony EX1-R as A for its zoom range flexibility, long recording times and convenience for unscripted and the dslr/bdm for everything else. That said.. it also depends on the style of edits. There are many different styles of wedding videos and each will require their own style of shooting. Either way, personally, I would get the BMD just because it shoots RAW, accepts my EF lenses and because of its price point. Nothing else currently on the market can deliver what it promises to deliver at that price point.

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