Ned Bunell explains lens pricing

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Re: It makes no sense to me.

In my 22 years in USA, I never heard about Creve Coeur Camera.
Probably, you there in Romania know more about us.

I work very close to CameraLand NY, one of the stores Ned mentioned, it's located in a very buisy area of Manhatten.

I used to visit it time to time during my lunch break, but stopped doing that several years ago - I hate to be the only one in the store carefully watched by boring salesmen.

My point is - there is no way Pentax will sell more lens/cameras in B&M stores with new prices, it just will loose more potential new and old customers. And this is my concern - while I personally can afford this increase, I'm afraid for the future of Pentax as a brand, and I put all my purchasing plans on hold.

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Jeff Charles wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

And I'd rather not have Europeans subsidizing UPP prices equal to those otherwise only attainable by high volume online retailers like BH and Adorama, as well as other actions meant to bring Pentax back in the U.S. B&M stores.

Which U.S. B&M stores are you referring to? They are gone, and Pentax is not going to bring them back.

All gone, are you sure?

From Ned's response, after a quick search:


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