D800 Focusing issue according to Nikon own instructions

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Thakur Dalip Singh
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D800 Focusing issue according to Nikon own instructions


The superior resolution of the D800/D800E makes small
amounts of focus blur more obvious. Select a shutter speed
slightly faster than you would choose when photographing

the same subject with other cameras.Learning from Failure: Same Shot, Diff erent Focus
With the D800/D800E, you will notice that photos seem to have
less depth of fi eld than pictures shot with other cameras under
the same conditions, and that focus consequently requires more
attention. As can be seen from the examples below, changing
the focus point even slightly can blur important details.

Stopping aperture down increases depth of field, making the
foreground and background sharper. Stop aperture down
too far, however, and diffraction will actually cause the image
to lose definition. The effects of diffraction are partly influenced
by the size of the pixels in the camera image sensor,
but with the D800/D800E’s high resolution the effects generally
become noticeable around f/11. When you need more
depth of field, don’t just immediately stop the lens all the way
down; instead, look for the aperture that offers the best balance
between sharpness and depth of field. In the examples
on this page, you can see the grid lose definition as aperture
is stopped down past f/11.

Using Diff raction to Combat Color Artifacts and Moiré Although stopping aperture
down makes the eff ects of diffraction (page 13, 16) more
visible, it may also help to reduce color artifacts and moiré.

Adjust aperture according to whether your priority is sharpness or suppressing moiré.

Nikon D800
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