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Re: DMF on A65

ericgst wrote:

The A65 has Focus Peaking
The A77 has Focus Peaking and DMF

The difference that I notice between my A65 and A77 is as follows...

Focus Peaking only works when the camera is in MF mode. With the A77, enabling DMF and putting the camera in AF-A mode will focus via AF during a half shutter press then automatically switch to MF mode for you so that Focus Peaking enables. Since the A65 doesn’t have the DMF option, you are limited to Focus Peaking only in MF mode.

Just to add for clarity....

DMF is NOT a function of any lens, but since DMF is a combination of AF and MF, it is more effective when the lens allows for real-time MF override like SSM, HSM, etc. lenses do. Otherwise to make it work, you will need to disengage the lens motor to prevent damage.

On a SAM lens you would half press the shutter to focus, then release when focus is achieved. DMF would then put the body in MF mode, and you would have to manually slide the AF/MF switch on the lens to MF to fine tune your focus with Focus Peaking. This is simply because the motor in the lens needs to release the focus gearing in order to manual focus without risk of stripping gears and the body knows it is still in AF mode.

I have tested with the three lens below on both my A65 and A77.

Sony 16-50F2.8
A77, With DMF, Focus Peaking works automatically
A65, Focus Peaking works in MF mode

Sigma 70-200F2.8 HSM II
A77, With DMF, Focus Peaking works automatically
A65, Focus Peaking works in MF mode

Sony 35F1.8
A77, With DMF, Focus Peaking works only after setting the lens to MF
A65, Focus Peaking works only when both the body and lens are in MF mode

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