iPad 3 - where do the attachments get stored?

Started Apr 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: iPad 3 - where do the attachments get stored?

milesm999 wrote:

So presumably if you want to make the attached file generally available outside the iPad you would need to email it somewhere and collect that email on a Mac or PC (assuming it's not still on the email server).

Emailing is a last resort. There are sometimes other ways. If you re-read my earlier post, you'll notice that the Open In button may let you send the PDF to apps like Dropbox, Box, etc. if you have those apps installed. If I send the PDF to Dropbox, then of course it can be opened on any Mac or PC that is given access to the same Dropbox folder.

Is there some way to sync it to a Mac or PC via the USB connector?

Using special file system access apps, yes, but it's an end-run around the way Apple wants things to work. I use such an app to archive my texts and voice mails.

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