Thoughts on 7D tracking settings?

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Re: Thoughts on 7D tracking settings?

When I was struggling with BIF Richard suggested the following settings. They are working great for me so far.

"My recipe for BIF and most anything that moves:

Shoot RAW
Noise Reduction off
AI Servo

High Speed Continuous (learn to shoot in bursts of 3 and 4 while continuously tracking target

I always use back button focus... set it to the * button... do it and never look back...

Now to go into the Menu... C. FnIII: Autofocus Drive

AI servo tracking Sensitivity... set between Slow and the midpoint (I know you want set it on fast but don't)

AI servo 1st/2nd img priority... set this to 0: AF priority/Tracking Priority

AI Servo AF tracking method... set to 1:Continuous AF track priority

Lens Drive when AF impossible My Preference is to set to Focus Search On

Manual AF pt. selec. pattern: set to 0:Stops at AF area edges

Display all AF Points: 0:Disable

Focus Display in AI Servo/MF 0:Enable

Orientation linked AF point: 0:Same for both Vertic.horiz.

Then you have to decide how to set your AF points.... as a novice it is reasonable to shoot at Auto Select.: 19 point AF

I prefer the Man. Select.: AF point Expansion

If you set your camera up as mentioned above it will get you on track as far as maximizing the Camera's AF capabilities.

I've got a 7D and 100-400L and I'll tell you it is quite capable when set up right and used properly... changing lenses is not going to help at this stage of the game.

Despite all the talk about the IS and modes and panning... my IS is always on and always in mode 1.... It isn't going to hurt a thing to leave it like that...switch it around... turn it off if you like.

I like to shoot BIF in AV with a center weighted average metering...if the birds are black I'm going to set the exposure compensation about 1.5 stops over....

If none of this makes any sense ask away....

Disclaimer: I'm not saying this is the only way... just the best way for me and I learned this from knowledgeable people... it is a reasonable starting point if you are lost and/or starting from scratch." Richard

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