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Re: Probably because you were insulted...

rbmphoto wrote:

Do remember though that most of the men who make sexist remarks have either small or limp genitals...

That makes complete sense! There is definitely scientific evidence backing up your statement. Commenting on a rude analogy with such generalizations is as stupid as the original comment was.

Backing down a bit, I found the original comment OK, figuring he was commenting on how it is a common trait of some women (gotta thread carefully here) to be indecisive but very meticulous about things. The imagery that comes to mind is when packing for a vacation, it takes so much more time to my wife to pack up, decide what to bring and get ready, but once we're gone and we didn't rush it, I'm glad she did it because I would've forgotten things we need...

Now, call me a sexist if you want for having such prejudicious thoughts...

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