18-55 kit lens vs vintage minolta beercan for a beginner

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Ron Poelman
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Re: For a beginner, think outside the square .....

nenoanen wrote:

Thanks for the tip. Would you recommend the 55-200 over the old beercans?

In some respects, yes;
especially if you get the price down as part of the "deal".
The beercan is heavy, has plenty of CA and you still need to find a good one;
the mini-beercan is a good thing but the 35mm cut off WILL frustrate you.
At least with the 35mm prime there is no instinct to zoom it,
because you can't !
The more modern 55-200 will give some good tele effects, good autofocus
and up-to-date coatings.

I think those lenses are out of my budget sadly. I have to settle for the 18-55 for the shorter ranges until I've saved enough money for something sharper, wider, and faster.

Don't know where you are buying from, but at least go to the B&H website
for some representative pricing on all the candidates before deciding.
I own all these lenses and can only advise by all means
grab a minican (about $30/$40 for a good one) to get you started,
but you will get most bang for buck (and a warranty) from the Tammy.
The tele should definitely be the second budget choice.

Thanks for the help. When I get the hang of using a DSLR (or DSLT in this case), I'll be hunting for a Minolta prime.

Don't forget the Tokinas, the 70-210 is pretty well regarded and lighter than
the beercan.

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