Which Marumi Achromat Close Up Lens?

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Re: Which Marumi Achromat Close Up Lens?

EJDarcy wrote:

I would love to give macro a try, but don't have the money to invest in a lens right now. In researching, it sounds like the Marumi is an excellent choice. I'm basically wondering on what size to get. I have 18-55 and 55-250 kit lens, the nifty fifty, and also a Tamron 28-75 2.8. From what I understand the close up lens would be best coupled with the 55-250?

I guess I'm just wanting to confirm, that the best choice would be to get the 58mm +5 200 close up lens for my 55-250.

Thank you in advance!

Yes that's the best choice. See this recent thread on exactly the same subject:

Here's some considerations:

With no close-up attachment the lens' max mag is 0.31x IIRC

With the close-up lens:
mag= diopter.strength*focal.length/1000
Working distance = 1000/diopter.strength

+5 works best with 55-250 zoom ( .31 ~ 1.5x) and clears subject by 8"

+10 works ok (1/2 max mag) with 18-55 but clears subject by only 4" (scares bugs & interferes with light - similar with 28-75.)

+10 too strong for long zoom (can't handhold.)

+2 or +3 are too weak


PS I just ordered one for testing on a similar lens compared to a Raynox 150 (+4.8) if you want to wait a week I'll post the results.

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