The Digital Darkroom appears to be dying.

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Please do not assume that the name change has chased the friendly people away or anyone for that matter. Take the time to look at some of the current posts in the forum by people wanting basic help and still getting good friendly expert information. Yes there are some questions that probably should not be asked here, but from what I have seen, no one has be chastised for asking them, well not yet anyway.



bob81 wrote:

Now that this "new" forum has been named and maybe therefore " created", just where are beginners that are asking for help is selection of their software and hardware supposed to go? I agree with Sue, that if you go to a companies website they are only going to tell you how great their product is. The same as camera brands and models, if you want an honest opinion, ask people that are using them.

I have recently asked for help here and received it from some very helpful people. I also didn't know that this was not the place to ask for advice on selecting software and hardware. I feel like our helpful forum has been taken from us and is now in control of a few people that only care about showing how great they are at retouching a picture. If you really want to see a forum die, make it exclusive to only the "experts" and soon the "experts" will die off or lose interest, then there will be no one left.

I could not believe some of the comments made here, it made me feel guilty for intruding on someones private domain. I guess this forum now belongs only to experienced retouchers that want to show their prowess between each other rather than helping a newbie get started. Before you bash me for my thoughts, does anyone have any suggestions for a friendlier place or forum for newbies than this is becoming? I am truly sorry if anyone is bothered by my comments, but that is how the comments on this thread made me feel.

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