Anyone used the Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V under water?

Started Apr 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
MC16 New Member • Posts: 1
Just received mine in the mail

Hey everyone! I've been following this and a few other threads while waiting for my tx200v to ship. It arrived today as I was heading out to work.

First impressions:
-Light compared to older cybershots I've owned (tx7 and t100)

-The side feels like smooth plastic. Could be a con to some people, but I like it

-Zoom rocker is a bit stiff - will probably loosen over time

-Battery door seems solid itself, but the two tabs that hold it close seem too thin

-I always have a screen protector on all of my cameras/phones - this will be my first camera to not have one (going underwater with a screen protector would most likely ruin the adhesive.) I am a bit worried about scratching the screen putting it in and out of my pocket

-Interface is similar to the tx10, although I don't think the tx10 has the creative shooting mode

-While the glass front is a fingerprint magnet, I'm avoid touching the lens area naturally, so that part of the front stays clean (which is all that matters)

I don't have any pools near me that are open yet. All I have is my bathtub and sink, so I can't test underwater shooting until next Wednesday (hopefully). I plan to do a full video review over the weekend, but for now I can take sample photos or look at certain functions/settings if requested.

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