why MAC?

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Re: Because they are better.

Richard wrote:

LOL again, limited and that was my only point, you are making reasons why we don't need firewire, if that is the case why does mac put them on the computer. People have been asking that a long time.

Still demonstrating that you don't know who makes the computers (Apple makes them, not some guy named "mac")?

But I agree USB3 is the future. Not firewire or thunderbolt They just are to limited.

Nobody else said that USB3 is the future, and that Firewire and Thunderbolt are "to" (sic) "limited". So you seem to be agreeing only with yourself. Certainly not with Intel (who is putting a lot of effort into supporting Thunderbolt), and certainly not with the technology (i.e., you can implement a USB 3 adapter that "plugs into" a Thunderbolt "bus", but things wouldn't work out so well for you the other way around).

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