Some old, cheap zooms on D700

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Re: Some old, cheap zooms on D700

Don't have any experience with the other lenses but the 28-80 f3.3-5.6G is a terriffic little lens, especially at the prices that it goes for these days. I use this lens when I want to go light or casual with my D700. It is sharp in the centre, producing beautiful, clean, natural looking images with a very slightly muted contrast. Very reminiscent of Kodak Portra NC160 film. Funny enough, image quality is great at 5.6 then seems to deteriorate slightly until f8.

Edge sharpness is not great, especially under f8. Bokeh can be a tad nervous, but still very pleasant to my eye. Its prone to flare. Focus speed is fast but not instantaneous, and its a bit loud.

But all in all its an excellent value for the prices its going for these days. I paid $20 for mine at Henry's wharehouse utlet in Toronto. Provided you acquire a good copy, its capable of rewarding you with stellar images...once you work around the limitations of its small aperture and sensitivity to flare. Easily worth 5X what I paid for it.

Contrary to other poster's experiences I sold my 28-105 and kept the 28-80.

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