Leica f2.0/40mm Summicron-C on Nex-7

Started Feb 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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A couple of photos

I've had the lens for decades, but the Nex just came so now this lens has new life. Out of the closet for another life. Glad I didn't sell it and have an actual Leica lens to use, even if it isn't one of the real expensive ones. Still works like new. Being able to use this lens was one of the reasons I got the Nex.

Somebody commented that they did not like the tab focus, but really the lens is too small for both an aperture and focusing ring.

The lens may be small, but it is made of brass and glass and is a solid little sucker. Not featherweight like the 16mm. It is mounted on a Rainbow adapter which is really quite nice and well-made, has proper tension and all.

I like the colors it produces and it seems to be quite sharp in the corners and does not exhibit darkening in the corners. I did a test pointing at the sun's direction and then 90s after that and no problem, so at 40mm it does not appear to have any wide rangefinder lens issues. But my pixel peeping has been informal.

Of course, this on the Nex is no wide angle, but people have suggested that other brands of 35mm lenses can be problematical, so at 40mm this evidently is safely over that threshhold.

The rocks scene is at Monastary Beach near Carmel, Calif with Point Lobos in the background. The other is a building in Cannery Row, Monterey. The shutter speed was evidently fast enough and the apertures were in the 5.6-8 range I believe.

I haven't really tested the lens at different apertures, but I haven't noticed anything different, that stands out, from 5.6 to 11.

The lens does look good on the Nex, really looks like it belongs there.

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