Any Known Issues with Lenses?

Started Apr 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
motobloat Regular Member • Posts: 497
Re: Any Known Issues with Lenses?

tyyreaun wrote:

motobloat wrote:

  • The "G" on the lens stands for "Gelded"

Someone's been reading too much Rockwell, apparently...

Haha yeah. Well you see that written elsewhere, but obviously Nikon isn't going to name a lens type after a farm-animal-castration-process. Then again, I guess not everyone would get that joke if they didn't grow up around farm animals... does anyone actually know what the "G" stands for? I have never seen another explanation besides the long-running "gelded" reference...

Also, there is a better guide on lens acronyms, including the more esoteric ones, here:

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