D800 left-right outer AF point control test...

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Re: Flat Plane of Focus

The simple tests that I have done showed that I can not get an accurate focus with the left most focus point when taking a picture from about 8ft from the subject or greater, using apertures from 1.4 to 2.8, with 50mm 1.4 g lens. I realize that there are Nikon guidelines that can be followed and also much better testing method that could be used, but all I really wanted is to compare the behavior of the camera/lens combination with the same target, with the same setting, under the same environment, using tripod etc. Consistently having out of focus pictures, when shooting wide apertures and using left focus point, triggered the tests. From my unscientific tests I can clearly see that my D700 does not suffer from the same focus issue as my D800 does. Sure I could be not seeing something or missing something here, since I am not very knowledgeable about all the ins an outs of the focusing system. I enjoy reading your posts and learning.

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