d800 exposure for wedding photogs

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Paul Spatafora Contributing Member • Posts: 937
Re: d800 exposure for wedding photogs

Iliah Borg wrote:

I posted this simple note to get feedback on a new camera compared to the D700 and see if it improved in areas I'm interested in.

That is exactly the issue I addressed. It is impossible to improve highlight retention without allowing stronger underexposure. You have gross difficulties understanding what exposure is and how exposure meters are calibrated in the reference to raw and jpeg captures.

Thanks in advance.

You are always welcome.

Thank you for your speedy and insightful reply.

I will review my shooting techniques and see if I can incorporate your suggestions. In the mean time, I'll look again at my many underexposed images and see if I can extract the detail you speak of with my raw converter. I also look forward to seeing your D800 examples in the future exemplifying this methodology.

I believe this matter has reached it's logical conclusion.

Best Regards,


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