why MAC?

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OK that is great BUT.

DogShot wrote:

The big advantage I see to thunderbolt is the way it allows a laptop like an Air to associate with a monitor. Plug your 11-inch Air into a Thunderbolt display and you've got access to all the usb/FW ports on the display as well as access to the display's speakers, camera, etc.

OK great but wouldn't it be better if the Air had an HDMI port that could plug into every HD TV made? Or could plug into every monitor made? With the thunderbold you have a very limited select monitor selection.

HP laptops and most other brands come with a vga and an HDMI. That is every display made because even thunderbolt

This makes an Air a very versatile and useful computer to me. The most portable computer around, as well as an instant iMac (not as powerful as today's iMacs, and currently limited to 4GB of RAM, but still more powerful than my 2007 iMac).

It makes the computer useful in what way? That it can connect to exactly 1 monitor made? That costs 1000 dollars? Or you could get the 27 HP Led IPS screen for 650 dollars that connects to every computer made that has vga/hdmi/dvi

Now what I find interesting is Widi, but it is not available for the mac. But then again there is wireless HDMI, but wait, the mac air does not have an hdmi port, I'm sorry.

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